Enjoy The High Speed Adrenaline With Split Second: Velocity

Indulge yourself and get into a high speed thrilling action with the best and most eye-catching cars you've ever seen, jam-packed in a thrilling adventure with incredibly unique features through one of the most raved arcade racing game, Split Second: Velocity, conceived by one of the most renowned developer - Black Rock Studio.

Split Second: Velocity was made known to the world on 2009 and a year later, it has officially entered the world of gaming industry. A ton of versions for different consoles was distributed by "Disney Interactive Studios" for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Microsoft Windows. This only means that you'll get a delectable piece of the action as long as you've got one of these consoles at your disposal.

This game is definitely one you must experience yourself for you to notice its uniqueness. The most distinct difference I get is that it has more thrilling features than other racing games so if you're bored with a simple high speed racing game with the common muscle and exotic cars you've seen, then this one will certainly be a great choice you should consider.

It has a meter that measures your 'Powerplay' which increases whenever you get to enact stunning and jaw-dropping stunts like drifts, jumps and so on. The meter can be used as a way to make your racing game more exciting through triggering outstanding events with explosive obstacles that would make the difficulty climb a bar higher.

This feature is complex but once you get a good understanding of it, you'll surely be able to relish on a continuously improving game that won't bore and stay autonomous for you. Changes in environment settings, bombs, helicopters and a whole lot more will show up to make your gaming a whole lot more engaging than ever.

Although it was also released on Steam, there was no online version released, however, using your Lan Features, you can still enjoy playing with players on your vicinity. This game ranks within the hundred on all of its consoles so it definitely is a must-try game you wouldn't want to pass up.