Good To Go - F1 Racing Slot You Wouldn't Want To Miss

Though the difference between the 'Cars and Crash' 3D Slot and the 'Pimp my Slot' from OpenBet is uncanny, the one thing that they definitely have in common is the fact that they are both Car-themed Slots and this has practically gained them a top spot on the wanted list for the games that players and wagers would like to try and put their bets on. If you're looking for a game that would be worth that dough at V8 Arcade, then there's definitely one phenomenal addition to Microgaming's platform that you would want to indulge in - the Good To Go Game.

Good To Go Details

Name: Good To Go
Min. Bet:0.01
Max. Bet:90

This game takes an innovative spin to the car-themed games you've seen before as it brings to you the ever-so popular, F1 Racing. Whether you're a die-hard fan of famous knight rider or you're just plain too addicted to cars, then this game will certainly hit you at the right spot.

Good to Go will show you a plethora of F1 Racing Symbols that would make you go nuts - from the tires of the famous F1 cars down to the checkered flags and a whole lot more. You'll be astonished as all of these eye-catching symbols would fill the 9 Payline slots and 5 Reels of this game which will definitely be plenty enough for you to get your hands on a huge sum of money afterwards.

If you get the Wild special symbol which in this game, is the Pit Girl with Blonde Hair, you'll be able to garner an astonishing jackpot of 5,000 coins. The Rev Counter Symbol on the other hand would act as the scatter symbol that would grant you Free Spins that may just be what you need to get your hands on a luscious prize money.

Bottom line - this F1 Racing themed slot would be a great eye-peeler, however, if you prioritize earnings over visuals, then there will definitely be better out there for you. If you are a bit further north and want to enjoy the same fun racing slots, along with other classic casino games, then finding a quality online gambling experience is a must. Learn about what's out there and have a peek here to get started with some of the best online gaming options in the Great White North.