Gallop With Horses On Champion Of The Tracks Slot Game

Horseback riding is definitely one of the earliest form of advanced transportation we've got and some people viewed it in a different perspective and saw it as a source of entertainment with a competitive form. Horsemen and horses competed with each other and what tagged along with it is the gambling part where spectators cast their bets on who will win the bout. This is one of the most common sport betting game today and if you're a fan of waging and horse races, then you'll definitely love Champion of the Track as it brings to the screen one of the most eye-catching horse-themed video slot today.

Champion of Track Details

Name: Champion of Track
Min. Bet:0.01
Max. Bet:0.5

Champion of the Track was given form by Net Entertainment with games that won't fall under four which will definitely bring you vast chances of earning unbelievable sums of money. Though it may not be that extraordinary, its theme along with the earning potentials are certainly already enough to give you a worthwhile and enjoyable time.

This game packs over 3 rows, 5 reels and about 30 pay lines you can adjust to your liking. The reels feature a whole lot of symbols connected to the horseracing theme of the game like the riders, horses, binoculars and more. This collection of symbols would surely give you the most accommodating and thrilling atmosphere that would be similar to the horse racing events you've seen.

Like other video slots out there, there are also Special symbols like the Wild symbols that can be substituted for another symbol, and the scatter symbol that will grant you free spins when you meet specific conditions. Also, you'll be introduced to the bonus game when you luckily get your hands on Bonus game symbols for three consecutive plays. There's also a unique career play served by this game.

NetEnt has definitely taken innovation up a notch on this game and since its free to play, there's no reason for you not to try it.