Relish a Thrilling Adventure With Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice

Ready to get your game face on and go down and get dirty with your Playstation Portable through some action-packed game that would knock your socks off and fill you up with adrenaline like you've never had before? If you are, then go play one of BigBig Studios' developed game, the Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice.

The Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is a sequel to the critically acclaimed game, Pursuit Force - both are exclusive games for our PSP and though the sequel put up quite a hype when it announced a version for Playstation 2, it induced a dismaying result as it never happened.

The game is featured on V8 Arcade because it packs both the thrilling excitement through a rigorously jam-packed action game along with a delectable and awe-inspiring plot that would make you even more hooked to it. If you've played the first part of this amazing sequel, then you may already know that you'll be in-charge of taking control of the Commander of the Police Special Unit which is the Pursuit Force.

This part resumes the story of the commander as 2 years had already passed from the events that occurred on the first part. He was about to be happily wedded to Sarah as the 'once apprehended' criminals escaped and go for the head of the commander. Series of events follows and a new group has introduced its name to the game, the Viper Squad.

The notorious gangs: the Syndicate, Raiders, The Warlords and the Convicts along with the Viper Squad which was deemed to be a police division which is up to no good, will be the enemies of the Commander. Unfortunately, Sarah will die by the hands of the enemies and its up to the Commander and the Chief to revenge her and put a halt to the enemies deeds. As you play in the 3rd-Person Perspective, move along the story and see how this amazing and awe-inspiring story meet its end.