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Vigilante 8 is a video game that was released back in the 1990's for the PlayStation. Vigilante 8 is a video game that involves vehicle combat and it was published by Activision. The title itself is a spinoff of the PC title GameInterstate '76 and uses many of its components such as auto-vigilantes, the 70's theme setting, the same made up vehicle companies, and more with no download required.

Play Vigilante 8 Online Today

Vigilante 8 was developed by Luxoflux and this title is the first of a number of action series that can be enjoyed with no download required. Originally released back in 1998 for the Nintendo 64, Playstation, and Gameboy Color, Vigilante 8 did really well and proved to be extremely popular. Vigilante 8 centers itself around Sid Burn and the development of the Coyotes whose mission is to destroy oil companies and refineries competing against OMAR. OMAR is a large oil monopoly that intends to become the richest company in the United States.

Now every video game needs some good guys and Vigilante 8 is no different. A lone ranger named Convoy decides to take on Sid Burn and his Coyotes by creating a team of his own called the Vigilantes.

How To Play The Vigilante 8 Video Game

Vigilante 8 is essentially a combat video game where players battle it out over a number of stages. There is a story and an arcade mode to choose from and each stage of the video game comes with its own interactive features with no download required. These include ballistic missiles and launching Aurora aircraft when players are in area 51. All the vehicles are equipped with a machine gun and Vigilante 8 players can add up to more weapons to their arsenal. There are five available weapons and these are mines, auto-cannons, rocket pods, mortars, and homing missiles. There is also a special weapon that is unique to each vehicle in Vigilante 8. Act quickly and claim a 50CHF bonus offer that you can use on the best Swiss casino sites. Enjoy world-class entertainment by playing the most popular gambling games from any portable device you own.

There are three types of special attacks that players can do using their weapons and special fighting video game-style movements that are done by using particular buttons on the control pad. Nearly destroyed cars can be eliminated using "Totaling". Players can also score up to six combination hits called Whammies.

There are special items to collect along the way too so be sure to keep your eyes open. If you are playing the Vigilante 8 video game in story mode there are certain objectives that must be completed in order to unlock the secret characters and stages. You must admit, the game sounds amazing. But it's still no match for where you can play bingo on the best sites, with some of the most rewarding bonuses. These promotions can be a really great time to start playing, and we think that disappointment is not possible with these types of games.

The Vigilante 8 Video Game Objective

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to transport yourself back to an alternate 1975 and become part of the Vigilante 8 video game trying to put an end to OMAR's dirty cheap tricks by eliminating the Coyotes. There are a number of great characters in Vigilante 8 including Convoy, leader of the Vigilantes who drives a semi truck, his niece Sheila, John Torque a Las Vegas high-roller, hippie Dave, Slick Clyde, and FBI agent Chassey Blue. The bad guys, the Coyotes, are run by Australian terrorist Sid Burn along with his cohorts Boogie, Loki, Beezwax, Houston 3, and Molo.

All the characters have their own story and in order to find out what happens to each of them, you need to play the Vigilante 8 video game on the console of your choice, PlayStation, Xbox or PC with no download required. Play it today for high-speed fun.